About Femme

Femme Tattoo Studio

We stand for personal attention and think it is important that you feel comfortable with us. At Femme Tattoo Studio we pay extra attention to the design and the placement on the body. Your new tattoo should add something, accentuate something and be in harmony with your body. We look at the whole with a female eye. The feminine touch. That makes us femme.

What is a fine line tattoo?

A fine line tattoo is a tattoo that is done with fine thin lines. A tattoo in this style can consist entirely of fine lines. However, this style is also often used for a mix between very fine lines and coarser line work. This creates a nice contrast in the line work of the tattoo. An artist can create very fine straight or curved lines with just a single needle. This gives a tattoo a very nice, soft appearance, so that it is not overly "present". Due to the use of thinner needles, it also feels less painful than with larger, especially coloured, pieces. This style of tattooing is ideal for a tattoo with flower arrangements, names, texts, animals, minimalistic and more detailed images.