Femme Tattoo

- Make it simple, but significant
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Why Femme Tattoos?

We stand for personal attention and find it very important that you feel comfortable with us.
We pay extra attention to the design and its placement on the body.
Your new tattoo should add something, accentuate something, and be in harmony with your body.We look at the whole with a feminine eye. The feminine touch.
That makes us Femme.

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Femme deal

The deal only applies to the FINELINE TATTOOS

1 Tattoo
€ 90 per piece
2 Tattoo's
€ 80 per piece
3 Tattoo's
€ 70 per piece
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Free Shipping
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Have you finally figured out what you want? Or are you not quite sure of your idea yet? Schedule your appointment and get in touch with our Planner. You can pass on your ideas by e-mail, but also ask any questions you may have. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, and then we will meet you in our studio soon!

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If you're coming with more than one person? Upload your designs in ONE document.
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